hydraThe Argolic Gulf is a superb area to explore under sail and the best part is that because it’s so close to Athens and the mainland it makes for one of the more popular places to start a sailing adventure in some of the most beautiful waters in the Med.
Whether you opt for a bareboat yacht charter or a skipped deal, a sailing holiday in this part of the Med is simply put, out of this world.

The coastline of Peloponnese together with the beautiful island of Hydra have a lot to offer the intrepid sailor who is looking to spend some quality time in a part of the world where time stands still. Although a popular sailing area, the Argolic Gulf tends to be quieter which means you’ll find charming, unspoilt and isolated places to drop anchor to enjoy the beautiful clear waters found in coves and small bays and where diving and snorkelling is a sheer pleasure.

The Beautiful Island of Hydra
Hydra has to be among the most beautiful of the Greek islands and although the harbour is pretty small, it’s still worth arriving there early enough to grab a mooring. There’s a splendid choice of bars and traditional tavernas that serve superb culinary delights from land and sea found along the quay which makes it a superb place to have lunch and soak up some of Hydra’s unique atmosphere.

The absence of cars adds to the island’s charm with the only mode of transport being sea-taxis or donkeys. The busiest day is Thursday when a farmer’s market is held making it a great place to buy needed provisions as all the produce is as fresh as it gets. The beauty of sailing through the waters around Hydra is there’s an excellent choice of anchorages which offer shelter when the winds blow a little stronger than usual.

Spetses, an Island Steeped in History
Sailing on to the historical island of Spetses takes you back in time with its traditional boatyards and majestic houses. The island boasts two ports and lots of very good tavernas that serve fish freshly caught making it a paradise for lovers of seafood. There’s a good marina in the Old Harbour which is popular with visiting yachts and luxury cruisers which have been chartered out from various locations. The south and west coastlines boast beautiful sandy beaches. Dropping anchor is a must so you can take a cool dip in these exquisite waters.

Another picturesque town that’s definitely worth visiting when sailing in the Argolic Gulf is Navplion with its neo-classical buildings and narrow streets with houses covered in bougainvillea and jasmine. The town is overlooked by Palamidi, a Venetian Citadel and a little to the north are the wonderful ruins of two world heritage sites, namely the Citadel of Mycenae and Tiryns.

Further along the coast Astros harbour offers a nice sheltered place to moor up and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and where the ruins of a Venetian castle overlook the town. Other lovely harbours along the eastern Peloponnese coastline include Tiros, Sambatiki and Plaka all of which boast lots of traditional tavernas and bars that make stopovers so very inviting.

Sailing in these glorious waters along what has to be one of the most beautiful coastlines is a sheer pleasure. It’s a great choice if you are new to life on the water and there’s no better way to explore the region that by boat because you can drop anchor or moor up wherever and whenever you please.Yacht charter in Greece makes for an exceptional sailing adventure which allows you to visit places you would otherwise not be able to go which makes a holiday on the water in this glorious part of the Med so very enjoyable.